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Remember the ‘What am I on?’ Lance Armstrong advert? If not, here it is to refresh your memory. Some would say this ad is beyond parody, but that hasn’t stopped me trying. Here’s what I’m on… The Livewrong Manifesto This is my body, and I can do whatever I want with it (behind closed doors […]

That Geoff Waugh fellow is quite handy with a camera, and it turns out he can shoot and edit a pretty mean video, too. Geoff says The Three Peaks cyclocross race is the toughest there is. I might just give it a try next year, if only to see if Geoff is right. <p><a href=”″>World’s […]

Are those things made of breadsticks painted black to look like carbon? I’m referring to the seat stays, obviously, not Thor Hushovd’s thighs. Interesting looking bike from BMC.

Skill, as we used to say in the fifth form.

There’s a reason bikes aren’t made entirely from wood. In fact, there are a whole lot of reasons. This lot don’t care, and they’ve already hit a heady 11.25mph. Time to break out the Cuprinol.

I believe this is what young people refer to as ‘sick’.

Boutique cycling brand Rapha has caused many raised eyebrows with the price of its latest product, a 1700 Euro coffee machine. However, Rapha’s CEO, Simon Mottram, has revealed that the each espresso maker will come with its own barista included in the price. “Complaints that the machine is overpriced are wide of the mark,” said […]