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Riding 315 miles from London to Paris was easy compared with consuming 315 units of alcohol immediately afterwards. Real life has now sobered me up and, frankly, I’d rather go back to pretending that I’m riding the Tour de France. If you feel the same way, take a look at this. It hasn’t been edited […]

L2P day three


C’est fini. Le bar est ouvert.

Today, I have almost cut off my finger, cycled 107 miles, overtaken Nigel Mansell (twice), ridden past the end of the road where I grew up and spent many minutes at the side of various Kentish lanes pissing like a racehorse. All in all, a good day. If you would like to sponsor me, please […]

Bike Chimp outlines his carbo-loading strategy ahead of the London-Paris bike ride.

Bike Chimp joins the last official London to Paris training ride and finds his form is better than expected.

Bike Chimp is just two weeks away from the London to Paris bike ride.

Remember that bit in ‘Dirty Harry’ where the villain, Scorpio, pays some hardnut to beat him up? By the end his face looks like half-eaten salami. That’s always been my experience with sports massage and osteopathy. I go into a session with a couple of niggles and come out feeling like my legs have been […]