In London’s orbit: bike camping around the capital


Audax bikes are light tourers, right? This stretches the definition of light.

Yeah, I know it's a crap picture but you try taking photos of yourself on a 10-second timer.

That's a bit better. (Leith Hill, by the way.)

Shere, the only village I know with an old fire station for a public convenience.

Some gratuitous product placement for a certain bike shop.

Windsor Great Park.

Rush hour in the Lee Valley.

Shhh. Don't tell anyone. It's a secret.

Never keep a mirror in your tent.

When they say 'one-man tent', they really should specify the size of the man.

I wouldn't dream of it.

'Sarf' of the river.

Just outside of Eynsford.

Cake + coffee = happy cyclist.

Chartwell, the last stop before home.

Job done.


4 Responses to “In London’s orbit: bike camping around the capital”

  1. 1 nickie

    Welcome home from the wilderness, a couple of questions:
    is that a tube of smarties behind you in the tent?
    What did you chain the bike to at night?
    See any bears (Lily’s question)?
    And you are, indeed, a cake cycling camp fiend. (not a question)

    • Not Smarties, a tube of electrolyte tablets to put in my water bottles. Chained the bike to a tree. Travelling light, so the teddy bears all stayed at home with Leah. And yes, I suppose I am.

  2. 3 theAngusT

    Did you fold yourself in half to get in that tent David? Nice outing for the new steed and so close to home! Excellent work with the self timer – chapeau!!

    • Thank you. Fortunately I’ve had some S&S couplings installed just above my knees so I can unscrew my lower legs for sleeping in tight spaces.

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