Mystery bike: anybody know what it is?


A friend of mine rescued this bike from a skip the other day. He thought it deserved better, and so do I.

The trouble is, neither of us know exactly what he’s got. If you think you can identify this bike, please let me know. We’d both be very interested to find out more.

Answers on a postcard or, better still, leave a comment. Thanks.


6 Responses to “Mystery bike: anybody know what it is?”

  1. 1 Bhodie

    Not sure, but it looks like an early Eunuchizer from the turn of the century… 🙂

  2. 2 Guy Pearson

    Hello Treasure Hunters,
    I’ve not not done any research on this bike I’m just guessing really.

    I think it dates from about 1890 as it is a late solid tyre safety cycle, but it has a diamond frame which is unusal because the introduction if the diamond frame coincided with the introduction of the pneumatic tyre. The bike has no brakes which makes me believe it could be either a track bike or a machine for promenading around which is probably why it’s in such good nick. The frame itself was an early example of mass production which you can tell by looking at the pressed ends of the frame. It was probably made in the Midlands.

    I’d really like to look at this as I find it very interesting, I have one myself which was made a little earlier. On mine the chainset is on the left.

    What are your intentions? Will it be a restoration project or does it go back on the skip?

  3. 4 JonnyB

    This is definately the new Cervelo P5 prototype!!!

  4. 5 Mike

    Cool bike!

  5. 6 jost

    yeah nice bycle, i think thats before 1900as,, if you sale , im intereesting.

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