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One of the best rides of last year was also one of the shortest. It was a chase-the-sun, half-hour race against the light. From the top of Reigate Hill, I saw one of 2010’s most beautiful sunsets. A quick blast on tarmac, a muddy climb, some gravel, more mud, then a 40mph decent to get […]

Ricardo Ricco has quashed reports that his kidney illness came about after transfusing his own blood. It has widely been reported that Ricco, banned from professional cycling for 20 months after being caught doping at the 2008 Tour de France, admitted to doctors that he had tranfused blood which had been stored in his fridge […]

Saw this while riding from Somerset to Nottinghamshire a few days ago. Road works closed a short section of the route, and rather than ride around I used the temporary footbridge. I’ve been called many things, but never a cycle-list(?!).