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Proper roadies should not like touring bikes. Tourers are bikes you ride when you are no longer quick enough to race. For anyone with a British Cycling licence to covet a tourer is like a teenager confessing they fancy Honor Blackman. On one level understandable, on so many others deeply wrong. Regular readers (assuming there […]

Bike races don’t tend to climb an active volcano too often. Mountains are hard enough without the risk, however slight, of encountering a lava flow on your way to the top. That’s going to change this May, when the Giro d’Italia ascends Mount Etna on the island of Sicily. In spite of being just a […]

Yesterday was the first meeting with my new coach, Professor Greg Whyte, at the exercise physiology lab at 76 Harley Street.  By Monday, I should have a training plan to take me through to my big early season target, the East Surrey Hardriders Time Trial in March. Here’s a few of things I learned yesterday: […]

Bike Chimp is pleased to announce that this blog is the first in the world to achieve UCI certification. Strict criteria have been met in order to be ratified by the UCI. The computer on which this blog is written weighs over the mandatory minimum of 6.8kg, and all photographs posted now appear in a […]

JANUARY The Spanish cycling authorities clear Alberto Contador of any wrong-doing before putting their fingers in their ears and screwing their eyes tight shut. The UCI appeals against the decision at the Court of Arbitration for Sport. Cycling fans shake their heads, lawyers rub their hands together. Garmin-Cervélo’s new team kit creates controversy, as the […]