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I like the idea of the Rapha Festive 500, but it’s not for me. There’s no way I’m going to ride 500km in a week with all the family arguments, over-eating and alcohol abuse I have planned. To be honest, even 100 miles is a bit of stretch. 100 units I could be pretty confident […]

How do you find the perfect riding position? There seem to be as many opinions as there are bike shops. I’ve been professionally fitted for a new bike several times, and each session has provided a different set of numbers. Sometimes the changes have been subtle, sometimes dramatic. Saddle height has varied by well over […]

I am sick of the snow. It might looks very pretty, but I’d rather get from A to B without dressing up like Ernest Schackleton. I have never used a sledge to do the weekly shop before, and would be quite happy never to do so again. Snow is very good at putting the kibosh […]

With California’s cyclists risking $220 dollar fines for minor offences such as locking a bike to railings instead of a rack, the San Francisco Police Department has brought its most famous detective out of retirement: Dirty Harry. Tensions have been growing between student cyclists at the University of California, Berkeley, and the local police, over […]

I rode with Chris Akrigg once. Really nice bloke and an amazing rider. Still, even the best need brakes on a freewheel bike. Don’t they?

Useful winter training aid or Sisyphean torture? Yes, to both The turbo trainer, friend or foe? Or both at the same time? Here are ten reasons to love (and hate) the turbo trainer. Reasons to love the turbo It helps you appreciate the suffering of animals, in particular the humble hamster. Never again will you […]

There are few better sounds than the crisp crunch of fresh snow. Like bursting bubble-wrap or the pop of a champagne cork, it’s hard not to grin like a little kid when you hear snow scrunching beneath your shoes or, better still, your tyres. When nobody was looking, I snuck out for half and hour […]