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In Gent, they like Keisse almost as much as beer and bad music. Advertisements

Even riders act like drunks at the Gent 6…

Don’t let snow and ice put you off cycling. Simply follow Bike Chimp’s step-by-step guide to winter riding. Step 1: Wake up to discover a light dusting of snow. Hear warnings of black ice on the radio. Do the sensible thing and take the train to work. Step 2: Discover that public transport is unreliable, […]

It’s hard to be happier than a kid on Christmas morning. The thrill of coming down stairs to discover all those presents waiting to be unwrapped, the excitement of tearing at the paper, the giddy buzz of being surrounded by new toys. It doesn’t last, of course. By the time you’re a grown-up you’d rather […]

Apple is to launch a revolutionary new bicycle called the iPedal. Steve Jobs, Apple’s CEO, has promised that “the iPedal will transform the urban personal mobility market.” The iPedal’s most controversial feature is retractable pedals, controlled by a switch in the seatpost. When the rider sits on the saddle the pedals fold into the frame, […]

The Campaign for Traditional Cycling (CTC) is to open an old-fashioned tearoom, Look Officer Both Hands, in central London. The new venture is part of the campaign group’s drive to restore what it sees as cycling’s disappearing values. The tearoom’s name has been seen as a deliberate swipe at the neighbouring London café, Look Mum […]