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The Orange Clockwork is one of my all-time favourite bikes. (I know it’s not the bike in the photo, but bear with me.) I owned one when I was a teenager, paid for by working Thursday nights and Sunday mornings in Sainsbury’s. You have to push a lot of trolleys and stack a hill of […]

Sometimes, the non-cyclist in your life may struggle to understand why you need ‘yet another bloody bike.’ Win them round with this handy list of reasons why you absolutely, postively have to go out and buy another bicycle. Right now. It’s your patriotic duty. Austerity Britain is on the brink of a double-dip recession. If […]

Still three weeks to go before her birthday, but this is what she’ll be unwrapping. Really hope she likes it. I’m not sure which of us will be more excited!

The Liquigas professional cycling team is to sue Italian anti-doping chief Ettore Torri after he allegedly described them as “a bit smelly.” According to reports, Torri has repeatedly referred to the team as “Leaky Gas” and has described star rider Franco Pellizotti’s biological passport as “smelling fishy.” The Liquigas chief executive, Paolo Zani, announced the […]

    Autumn is a fine time to ride a bike. Well, not always. Not when it’s blowing a gale and the raindrops fire like pellets into your face.  But on days like today when the air is crisp, the sky is clear, and the sun covers everything in gentle, honey-coloured light, it’s pretty damn […]

Bike Chimp has lost a front wheel to an indecisive thief.

Riis signs a cow to lead Saxo Bank in place of Contador.