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Bike Chimp writes about Geoff Thomas completing the Tour de France route in 2005, and how he plans to raise money for Geoff’s charity by riding the 2010 London to Paris sportive.


Bike Chimp visits the Stondon Transport Museum and finds some interesting old bikes among the cars and motorcycles.

Bike Chimp likes February, because all that winter bike training is starting to pay off. Such optimism doesn’t last long.

Bike Chimp battles Mrs Chimp for the future of their daughter. Will she be a champion cyclist or not?

The Bike Chimp blog takes Valentine’s Day off in order to give his relationship some TLC. Back soon.

Bike Chimp blames his mother for an aversion to hi-vis clothing, which was when a collision with a car made him change his ways.

Bike Chimp hits the road for a hard training session with the start of the racing season looming large.